Sunday, March 9, 2014

Chapter Two

Get ready as i am embarking on my Chapter 2 in life personally and professionally. I have such a great feeling for 2014.

I just officially signed up for my social security benefits and in april the government will be sending me a gift monthly.. Seeing is believing that anyone would just send you a check and direct deposit it into your account.. Happy Birthday to me... I am not retired that is for sure and will be working at Sothebys as i am going into my 5th year. I am just so happy to be a part of such a great organization. Thanks to Jeff Cohen and Mark Zukerman for believing in me from day one..

I am now also embarking professionally into another avenue very unfamiliar to me. I am part of a 13 week life style series show featuring joni michels(tv personality) and barry lantz(interior design and artist guru). They are a great on air tv couple.. i am a weekly realtor and sponsor.. i am called one of the style pros.. it has to be so much fun for me.. i absolutely love being in front of a camera and feel very comfortable with the cast and crew. already two shows have aired. so far so good. i will be having it posted weekly on my is on saturdays wrtv at 130pm...if you see please let me know as i love all the feedback..

Besides the social security, the new tv show , now my twin grandchildren are being bnai mitzvah'd in cincy the weekend of march 14-16 and the family will gather in their honor. In our family, this is something we call a mitzvah and it is an honor that sarah and jacob will be called to read out of the torah at 13 years old.. they are so darn cute and they are such a great team.. 13 years ago march 10 they were born and it was a great day for our family. sarah and jacob wittenbaum were born to melissa and brad wittenbaum and to big brother alex wittenbaum.

Life is really good and i feel so happy and healthy as i work in and work out every day.. i create all my own energy of life and love sharing it with every one that i meet along my journey of life..

I just had a wonderful birthday on march 7 and my family girls only, sharon, amanda, and lee wined and dined me at the capital grille at the conrad.. can you imagine i started out with a manicure and spa services to find that my friend erica mitchell picked up the tab in my honor. what a great day as i went back home to the conrad to share my festivities.. my happy place!!!

I am active on facebook and i do try twitter and instagram so watch for me there also.. please always visit my website at anytime and say hello. my web guru is working on updating it currently. a new and improved deborah dorman as always. i am truly the mother of reinvention every day of my life..

deborah dorman
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  1. I really enjoyed reading your article Deborah. So many of the blogs I see focus on trying to sell real estate, it is refreshing to read a personal post like this. I see that your website is up and running now, I love your photo... Is that Marlene Dietrich!? ;)

    Mike Woods - m.s.Woods