Sunday, March 9, 2014

Chapter Two

Get ready as i am embarking on my Chapter 2 in life personally and professionally. I have such a great feeling for 2014.

I just officially signed up for my social security benefits and in april the government will be sending me a gift monthly.. Seeing is believing that anyone would just send you a check and direct deposit it into your account.. Happy Birthday to me... I am not retired that is for sure and will be working at Sothebys as i am going into my 5th year. I am just so happy to be a part of such a great organization. Thanks to Jeff Cohen and Mark Zukerman for believing in me from day one..

I am now also embarking professionally into another avenue very unfamiliar to me. I am part of a 13 week life style series show featuring joni michels(tv personality) and barry lantz(interior design and artist guru). They are a great on air tv couple.. i am a weekly realtor and sponsor.. i am called one of the style pros.. it has to be so much fun for me.. i absolutely love being in front of a camera and feel very comfortable with the cast and crew. already two shows have aired. so far so good. i will be having it posted weekly on my is on saturdays wrtv at 130pm...if you see please let me know as i love all the feedback..

Besides the social security, the new tv show , now my twin grandchildren are being bnai mitzvah'd in cincy the weekend of march 14-16 and the family will gather in their honor. In our family, this is something we call a mitzvah and it is an honor that sarah and jacob will be called to read out of the torah at 13 years old.. they are so darn cute and they are such a great team.. 13 years ago march 10 they were born and it was a great day for our family. sarah and jacob wittenbaum were born to melissa and brad wittenbaum and to big brother alex wittenbaum.

Life is really good and i feel so happy and healthy as i work in and work out every day.. i create all my own energy of life and love sharing it with every one that i meet along my journey of life..

I just had a wonderful birthday on march 7 and my family girls only, sharon, amanda, and lee wined and dined me at the capital grille at the conrad.. can you imagine i started out with a manicure and spa services to find that my friend erica mitchell picked up the tab in my honor. what a great day as i went back home to the conrad to share my festivities.. my happy place!!!

I am active on facebook and i do try twitter and instagram so watch for me there also.. please always visit my website at anytime and say hello. my web guru is working on updating it currently. a new and improved deborah dorman as always. i am truly the mother of reinvention every day of my life..

deborah dorman
direct 317-432-1216
deborah dorman, realtor

Friday, January 14, 2011

"My life at the Conrad"

My husband, P.A. and i have traveled all over the world and been in over 100 different countries to be exact. We also have made it a point to stay at the finest hotels in the world. P.A. being a world traveler and a european, and me being in the travel business many years ago have been a perfect fit to see the world and live out our dreams through destinations whether it be hotels, resorts, cruises,etc. We do think we are very knowledgeable about the world and travel and hotels.  Today we have had the opportunity to sell our home on the northside of  Indy and full fill our dream. We moved downtown(I am currently a realtor with Sothebys International Realty here in Indy) and love the market here especially the downtown area. Upon moving, making a decision to move downtown there was only one place we wanted to call home.  Today we are living in the hotel at the Conrad. Al Kite and his gorgeous wife, Marianne, are the real reason we have moved in here.  This is a world class operation, thanks to Al, the extraordinare, Greg Tinsley, th GM, and Brad Lingle, Operations Manager..who make life at the Conrad a dream turned reality. The staff they have, from the minute you walk into the hotel is the best we have ever seen, the spa, the restaurants,Tastings and the Capial Grille, the housekeeping, the valet, it goes on and on. If yo ever want to stay in a world class hotel in the heart of the city(indy) or have an event of a lifetime, or a wedding or honeymoon, you have it all here at the Conrad. The decor is amazing; a real sight for bright eyes..oh yes, and we are attached to the Artsgarden and the Circle City Mall, Embassy Suites,etc. dining, all the theaters, a five minute walk to the canal and all the museums...I could go on and on. I will as i share all my downtown memoirs..If you are ever looking for a reference you must reach me personally...thanks again...deborah dorman  and if you are looking for a home to buy or sell in indy or its environs i am the perfect person as i have a 17 year career in real esate coupled with a life long residency for over 62 years. I know the city very well and love calling it home...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thank You Steven Schriebman

Sometimes in my career you say to yourself what am i doing after all these years???Maybe it is time to slow down and relax and enjoy the moment and then a Steven Schriebman comes along and changes your entire approach and your adrenaline starts pumping and then you realize what are you even thinking about..I love my career yet it is people like Steven that make it so worthwhile. So I wanted to share with you  some kind words from a very wonderful and kind client.

Dear darling Deborah:
I could very simply thank you for the sweet, fabulous, and thoughtful gift certificate to Tastings, but that wouldn't even BEGIN to express my appreciation for EVERYTHING you've done to make my transition to Indianapolis so smooth and delightful!

You were a conduit to so many wonderful things from the moment I sat down in your fabulous car, and you took me from feeling overwhelmed to confident in no time.  I will always remember fondly your patience and assistance in finding me a new place to live in this city, from your super-helpful (and, at times, what must have seemed endless) schlepping, finally securing the perfect, perfect home at Park Meridian.  I will think of you every time I open the door to the place, and am so grateful that you helped me find exactly what I was looking for.

You have spunk, sass, a will of steel most fashionably wrapped in cashmere, and--very importantly--cute hair, all of which make you SO good at what you do!  I am looking forward to seeing you again and becoming a trusted friend.  And, needless to say, Deborah, I will forever recommend you to everybody I meet!
Thanks again for everything you do to help us lost souls find our footing in Indianapolis!
P. S.  I can't wait to give Tastings a try!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Today is a special day as is everyday yet today i am going to blog away and share so many wonderful experiences both personally and professionally that has been happening in the year 2010. I just want to first wish all of you a happy thanksgiving as we have so much to be greatful for. It is the main reason why my husband and i picked this time of the year to get married 28 years ago November 27, 1982 as we felt we were so greatful to have each other. The best part is we still feel the same way even more greatful than ever.

After 16 year wonderful years at Indy's no. 1 real estate company and a career that opened so many doors for me, I decided it was time to make a change. It was only about a fresh new start to jumpstart my career with new and energectic like minded people who truly loved real estate and want to bring a sense of class and value to our field. Welcome Encore Sotheby's to Indianapolis at 96th and Meridian. It is such a wonderful place and my office is amazing as  it is all floor to ceiling glass on the corner. The reason i got it was the minute i was asked to join the Sotheby's team I was on board so they gave me the first choice..Thanks so much Jeff and Mark as the energy in my office is limitless. It goes on for miles and miles clear out to I 465...My colleagues are mostly new friends who are very experienced and very successful people who i have admired for years. The staff is awesome..All they want to do is help me out and make me a better agent with all the first class tools of the Sotheby's trade.  I can't imagine anyone not wanting to atleast see how effective and powerful this company is...So i am now firmly planted with the hopes that i sell sell sell....after all, that is my favorite thing to do in real estate. After a few challenging years, i truly feel the best is yet to come. I have positioned myself in a very good place and want to share it with all my past clients, referrals, new clients,etc.  So Happy Thanksgiving from my new digs at Sotheby's...Just look up when you are driving on meridian street where Sotheby's and Paradise Bakery meet on the top level in the corner....Just know i am watching you as you drive by so honk anytime....!!!!!  Also thank you for reading and i hope you will come back for more...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Welcome to my new blog!

Thank you for visiting my new blog. I will be posting information about my services, the communities I serve and the Indianapolis area. Please let me know how I can better serve your family or business!

Deborah Dorman