Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thank You Steven Schriebman

Sometimes in my career you say to yourself what am i doing after all these years???Maybe it is time to slow down and relax and enjoy the moment and then a Steven Schriebman comes along and changes your entire approach and your adrenaline starts pumping and then you realize what are you even thinking about..I love my career yet it is people like Steven that make it so worthwhile. So I wanted to share with you  some kind words from a very wonderful and kind client.

Dear darling Deborah:
I could very simply thank you for the sweet, fabulous, and thoughtful gift certificate to Tastings, but that wouldn't even BEGIN to express my appreciation for EVERYTHING you've done to make my transition to Indianapolis so smooth and delightful!

You were a conduit to so many wonderful things from the moment I sat down in your fabulous car, and you took me from feeling overwhelmed to confident in no time.  I will always remember fondly your patience and assistance in finding me a new place to live in this city, from your super-helpful (and, at times, what must have seemed endless) schlepping, finally securing the perfect, perfect home at Park Meridian.  I will think of you every time I open the door to the place, and am so grateful that you helped me find exactly what I was looking for.

You have spunk, sass, a will of steel most fashionably wrapped in cashmere, and--very importantly--cute hair, all of which make you SO good at what you do!  I am looking forward to seeing you again and becoming a trusted friend.  And, needless to say, Deborah, I will forever recommend you to everybody I meet!
Thanks again for everything you do to help us lost souls find our footing in Indianapolis!
P. S.  I can't wait to give Tastings a try!


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